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Lonliness is a bad disease.  There are no pills or medicine for it.  If you are lonely this book will help show you a way to cure it.
If you want to get hold of me for whatever reason, you can reach me at the address and number listed below.
If you need assistance in filling out immigration papers you can contact one of two people who are good friends of mine:

Mr. Nat Duran
Office Power Unlimited
HCR #81, Box 460
Mesquite, NM  88048
(505) 882-3489
E-mail:      OR

Jeff Smith at (505) 524-6727.

If you don't get fixed up using the information in this book, or you want to find a woman from Central or South America, contact my friend Charlie at:
Amigos International
P.O. Box 5187
Galveston, TX  77554
(409) 737-2500

ORDER "The Cowboy Cupid" TODAY
Send $19.95 + $3.95 postage (total of $23.90) to the address shown below or
Call toll free 1-877-33-CUPID (1-877-332-8743)
Visa and MasterCard accepted
New Mexico residents please add $1.43 for tax
This site last updated on January 8, 2000

P.O. Box 381
Columbus, NM  88029
(505) 531-2682
Toll free - (877) 33-Cupid